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Always remember that good “visual communication” within your company can improve jane_shonfeld_article1the entire image that your company portrays to the public.

Presentations countrywide, including television and radio appearances, have given Jane the reputation of being “the” authority on image. Her services are secured because of the direct influence of a professional image on creating a good impression and, more importantly, increased productivity.

Jane’s corporate presentations for men and women include the following:
Appropriate office attire for your specific workplace
How to express individuality within the dress code
First impressions, confidence dressing, dressing for success and the psychology of dressing.


Dress for sales success

jane_shonfeld_article2Dress for sales success

Every business person sells either a service or a product, and the first thing that ever gets sold is you. Sales people who look good are more confident, more assertive and most importantly, more productive. Some industries (IT, entertainment and media ) have a more casual dress code but in the sales industries you have to respect your clients and therefore dress accordingly. What you wear is one of your most visible credentials and if you take time and effort with your appearance it will definitely contribute to your success. Regardless of the type of company you work for, you need to have your own ‘personal brand’ which is made up of the way you look, how you act and how you behave. The financial industry has a more conservative dress code, so appropriate dress would be dark or pin-stripe suits with crisp shirts and smart ties. Dark colours and classic neutrals are the best choices for bottom garments, jackets as well as basic accessories. Brighter colours and pastels work well for less formal working environments and business casual.

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