Personal and Group Consultations

Personal Consultations (1½ hours)
Come to Jane’s office for a one-on-one personal consultation, concentrating on you as an individual.

Group Consultations (3 – 5 hours)
For a fun-filled yet informative event, team up with 4 to 10 friends or colleagues and get all the benefits of a group effort.

Wardrobe Consultations (2½ hours)

This takes place in your home and includes your own personal image profile, as well as clearing out, re-organising your wardrobe and formulating a shopping list.

Shopping Trip (min 2 hrs)

The shopping trip usually follows a personal consultation. Together you decide on garments and accessories which match the all-important criteria – lifestyle, personality, body shape and budget.

Each consultation includes a copy of Jane’s new book “Make the Most of Yourself”.

This user-friendly guide will empower you to look good and feel good about your own newly discovered personal style. It offers you the opportunity to improve and enhance not only your appearance, but also your confidence and self – image.